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Thread: Can i make 1 image based counter?

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    Question Can i make 1 image based counter?

    I want to make counter that keeps getting smaller with less value it has. Like horizontal or vertical counter but with image instead of solid/gradient color.

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    So basically you want want to scale an image? The easiest approach is to use an active object and scale it in the event editor. For the actual value you can use a hidden counter or perhaps one of the active object's alterable values.
    An object's scale is by default 1. If the scale is 0 it has disappeared entirely, and if it is 0,5 it is half size. 2 is double size. If the counter should go from 10 to 0, simply set scale to value / 10.0.
    You must also position the active object's hotspot to where you want the scale center to be.

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    Not really, i tried to do this way but its just doesnt work really good. As You see on attachment the sharp ends changes and i want to "cut" unwanted things. Like hmmm if counters is 5/10 then 50% of the image disapper

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    Use a counter, type animation, edit your images.

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    But i want an easy smooth counter. Is there any easier option? Or i have to deal with animation type

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    I've animated some counters for a game. Basically had 50 animation frames and trimmed a pixel off the height with each frame, and set the current animation frame to an alt val attached to the counter representing the value, went from there.

    Other option is to set X (or Y) scale independently, so you only change the size of the counter on one axis.

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    This can be done using background system box, see this thread for more info:

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