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Thread: Help! A recent update has messed my project up (?) re Exact button inputs.

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    Thanks. yes, our game is not a one-on-one "fighter" as such (although there is a Duel mode) it's actually an rpg/platformer (castlevania sotn-esque?) with a fighting-game engine and the ability to parry almost any danger in the game (with perfect timing)
    The just-frame moves are not necessary to complete the game, or even to get a decent score - but they do add another layer for players who want to become the very best and those moves tend to interrupt the enemy and can be used for juggles etc.

    Re this glitch I really hope Yves comes up with a fair solution. I sent an MFA (watered down version of the game) but he hasn't responded yet.
    If you wanted to get a better idea, you can check out the game in my signature:

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    Okay, that actually looks like a pretty cool idea for a game, and it arguably looks even harder to make than a fighting game.

    I actually made an RPG fighting game hybrid at one point for a Game Jam, but my idea of how that played was drastically different (for one thing, your game is more of a platformer fighting game hybrid, but with a few RPG elements here and there).

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