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Thread: Inputing screen shots of game as active objects into game.

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    Inputing screen shots of game as active objects into game.

    If i have a character that can create active objects and the player can set them in a specific pattern. Can i then (Some how) convert that thing they make into a picture that becomes an active object the player can then use?

    Like lets say the chaarcter shoots paint as small active object particles.Fusion would then take those objects and convert them into a picture( maybe a jpg or png) then the player can use that object which is the thing they made.

    Is this possible?
    Im not a noob at fusion been using it for ten years but this is beyond me.

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    Im quite sure there is more than one way to do this.

    The game "Silece Of The Sleep" ( made with fusion ) did something like what you are describing, where the player would be asked to draw a picture and then the picture would be represented at a later stage of the game.

    There is a 'Screen Capture Object' that should be able to save a section of the Frame as jpg or png file, and then you could maybe use the 'Active Picture Object' ( which can have Movements and stuff ) to load the same jpg/ png.
    I'm not sure if the Active Picture Object will be limited to 'box collision' though ( no fine collision detection ), in case you want the 'captured section' to be interactable.

    Hope this helps.

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    you can load images into a normal active.
    the screen capture is limited to screen size tho

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    Help! New user who cant figure how to designate a specific area to be screen captured. Thanks!

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    Hey dude, yeah that's possible using Surface object, or screen cap object.

    Here's a (10 minute) example using the screen cap object and loading the result back into an Active in a different frame.
    It's messy and not great or commented, but hopefully it makes sense.
    Let me know if you need any clarification

    God Dammit. Just realised the OP is from March 2017. So the above was probably a waste of time.
    Rich4214, why bump a YEAR old thread dude?

    Anyway, here you go @rich4214 , updated example with the capture area limited to a user specified region:

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