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Thread: Questions concerning fusion 3/fusion 2.5 from a Construct 2 user

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    Questions concerning fusion 3/fusion 2.5 from a Construct 2 user

    Hello all,

    I was/am a Construct 2 evangelist (have an education technology conference in May where I will talk how to make a game in a single class). But after midcore release of construct 3, Construct 3 sounds like a better version of Stencyl. I am not anti-subscription but there are no amazing features nor did they consult the community like the Click Team Fusion developers do! So I have decided When Fusion 3 comes out, I will be buying that. It looks like it will be amazing and great for game designers.

    I have also started my own education technology company, which is getting more and more complicated (From a functionality perspective) I have a few questions:

    1. Will Fusion 3 support webRTC? webRTC is a collection of communications protocols and application programming interfaces that enable real-time communication over peer-to-peer connections. I have been using this to connect students data to the teachers computer.

    2. Advanced text support, such as knowing the co-ordinates of where a word is in a sentence? I know this is a random question, but this is important for me to use Fusion 3.

    Thanks for your help!

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    Hopefully someone more knowledgeable than me will chime in soon. But I'll help what I can:

    1. My guess is that this will be left to a 3rd party extension. Fusion 3 is coming bundled with a surprisingly large amount of new features, but for things that may be more niche, Clickteam are still taking the 'let's just make it really easy for people to make their own extensions' approach.

    2. Clickteam have written about the new text engine here. It's definitely going to be a lot better than the current (underwhelming) 2.5 text handling. I don't know about finding co-ords of a word in a sentence though. But the new engine will be based on "FreeType 2", so perhaps you can find the answer in the FreeType documentation

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