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Thread: Taps not always recognized on device, often have to double tap

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    Taps not always recognized on device, often have to double tap

    Hi all!

    I've got a pretty simple setup in my menus where if:

    User clicks with left button object -> Jump to Frame

    I also have tried multi-touch:

    If new touch has started on object -> Jump to Frame

    Both of them seem to act the same way. My problem is, ALMOST ALWAYS I have to double tap to get it to register my tap and perform the action. I set up a counter because I thought maybe I was dealing with a lag issue with the jump, but the counter is saying it's not registering my tap so it can't be that. It's like I never tapped it.

    I've noticed this for a long time now and have always just assumed it was my device, or my cold fingers.. but started hearing from others they are experiencing the same thing. On this new game I'm creating I'm noticing it being especially bad. It's affecting some of the game play because you have to be quick with some taps and if it doesn't register the first time you tap it can be frustrating.

    Am I doing this all wrong? Even the simple menus I have issues with and have to double tap or keep tap multiple times to get it to register. Multi-touch doesn't seem to change it unless I'm doing that all wrong too. Anybody have any advice?

    Thank you so much!

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    Well after I posted this, I think it was my test device! I found another device laying around and uploaded the APK to that and it works perfectly fine on there. So who knows, it's something with that one I think!

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    Hey, it could be worthwhile to try 'while mouse key is being pressed' + 'only once when event loop' instead of 'user clicks' to see if that fixes it for the faulty device.

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    Thanks Popcorn, I'll give it a shot

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