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Thread: About private/unlisted Clickteam tutorials on YouTube

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    Quote Originally Posted by danjo View Post
    you are better off looking at Almightyzentaco's video tutorials.
    My client has already found Almightyzentaco's tutorials. She has watched some of them.

    Quote Originally Posted by stormwiz View Post
    Hello everybody,
    I have all of Snail's videos and 99% of sparckman's tutorials plus a few examples. The video files are huge. Not sure what to do. I could probable post them with megashare. Again the files are huge. For snail the size is Attachment 22740
    Attachment 22741

    I was also wondering why Sparckman has dropped from clickteam. I understand he is well verse in other game engine like Unity and Unreal, but he's main work has been with fusion. I bought fusion developer plus all modules during the humble bundle. Sparckman was the backbone of fusion tutorials, I'm going to miss him.
    You told that the files are really big. My client found this:

    Could you make a list of those videos? Could you also add a short description on what they are about if it doesn't come across from the file names? Then my client could choose from the list which ones she would like to have. She doesn't necessarily need all of them.
    Many thanks in advance!

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    Deleted a post with a link from a Paid Udemy Course from Sparckman.

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    Here's an oldie but greatie!

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    Thank you for your replies!

    My client is not interested in paid courses. This thread is about YouTube tutorials.

    Quote Originally Posted by stormwiz View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Emerson3 View Post
    She had already found most of those YouTube channels, except the ones that are not in English. We told that she would like to find tutorials about certain topics (loops and alterable values).

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    Hey again,
    my client has also general questions about uploading videos, though it goes a bit off topic. She has used Photobucket to upload photos and videos. We have noticed, that it's not possible to upload videos on Photobucket anymore, although there is still room. She has also reduced the size of the videos, using Format Factory. My client would like to know what other ways would there be to upload videos on forums. Her Photobucket account has been made private, but her photos and videos can be seen on forums. She would like them to only be seen on forums. Is this possible using something else than Photobucket? She has noticed that private YouTube videos can only be watched if you are invited to view them. Photobucket doesn't require this. What could my client do, now that her videos can't be uploaded on Photobucket anymore? Photobucket is also terribly slow.

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    You can also upload a hidden(not listed) YouTube video. Then all people with the link have access to the video.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wodjanoi View Post
    You can also upload a hidden(not listed) YouTube video. Then all people with the link have access to the video.
    Thanks for your reply!
    My client meant this way:

    She took this screenshot directly from one forum. People can watch that video by clicking that image. She would like to know if this is possible without using Photobucket.

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    Well, you could do this:
    [URL*=""] [IMG*][/IMG] [/URL] (without the asterisks).

    If you remove the asterisks, it would appear like this:

    This video is set to Hidden, so it can only be seen if you have the URL. It can't be found in any other way.
    For the image, I just used the URL of the thumbnail on YouTube (right clicked the thumbnail and selected 'copy image address').

    You could of course also just embed a YouTube video in your post by putting "[VIDEO][/VIDEO]" around the URL of your video, like this:

    Which results in this:

    Not every forum supports the embedding of YouTube videos though.

    As long as you have the video set to 'Hidden' in the settings on YouTube, it can only be seen by people who have the URL (and wherever you post that URL) and won't be possible to find by searching for it on YouTube or Google.
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    I tried asking stormwiz about his video backups (Snail On and Sparckman videos) but he hasn't responded to me. Since I have a friend who is new to Fusion, does anybody else have backups since it would really help him out. (The other previously mentioned channels are very useful nonetheless.) Heck, I could have learned a lot from Snail's more advanced tutorials but I put off watching them and now it's too late.

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