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Thread: Alien Splatter Pocket (Android/iOS)

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    Alien Splatter Pocket (Android/iOS)

    Well what should of been a joyous occasion has turned sour because Google are a big bunch of d**ks. I finally finished my first ever app (in under a week) and Google goes and flags and suspends the app claiming "unauthorised use of copyrighted materials" when I know for a fact everything is 100% my own work, from the pixel work to the music. *Sigh*. Sadly I don't own anything to port to iOS at the current moment but I'm soon changing that and I'm hoping this will be released out on the app store in a couple of months time!

    Besides that I'd thought I'd show off what I created in a week to demonstrate how awesome and fast Fusion is for 2D games.


    So as you can see it was a "port" of my old flash game Alien Splatter that I made a couple years back, although most of the engine/sprites have been redone so it's not really a port but more of an "enhanced" version. I spent one week making this from scratch and it comes complete with achievements, sound test, fps limiters and even a little retro manual guide. I made five levels in total, with six different weapons and six different end bosses. All the levels had it's own gimmicks and settings too.


    It's a complete shame that Google's autobots have apparently believed this to contain copyrighted material when it clearly doesn't. (I've not even got a twitter/facebook link in the app.) Even the store description had no mention of any brands so it's a complete mystery. I've stuck in an appeal but I don't hold out any hopes it'll prolly just come back with the same auto-message. Hopefully iOS won't be as a crap experience.

    If people are interested in playing it, I am very tempted to export it over to flash (after a few tweeks) and upload it to Newgrounds or something

    Anyway just a post to show, how awesome Fusion can be

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    Beautiful game . Nice job !!!

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    Amazed in how fast you can put up such complete games,
    and such good looking retro-graphics

    I can see how Google could be fooled by your 100% NES sprites and palettes

    But - seriously -
    is there anything you can do, to claim your rights on your own graphics?
    I never found myself in a similar situation,
    isn't there some way to "contest" the flag?
    They should at least produce some proof, tell you which copyrighted material you supposedly grabbed from,
    otherwise it's a bit "smokey" (I know, it's the flea against the colossus, but moreso feels really unfair)

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    Very nice! Soul Gunner 2.0 for Android.

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    Looks great!
    Sad to hear what google is doing to you. Apparently their terrible youtube practices extends to app store...

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