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Thread: What's new in 288.3?

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    What's new in 288.3?

    Seem like CTF2.5 was upgraded to 288.3
    What's new?
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    You can always find the changelogs in the stickies at the top of this subforum

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    Build 288.3 - Change log


    - Animation editor: the splitter could be moved out of the window after you maximize the window vertically and close it.
    - Event editor: inserting a Global Value by Index expression in the expression editor no longer erases the previous content.

    Windows runtime

    - Sounds: rare random crash when channels are busy and you play a new sound.
    - Layer object: crash 10 seconds after you load a new image as parameter of a pixel shader.

    HTML5 runtime

    - Application window now gets the focus when you click it, even if it's in an iFrame.

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