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Thread: Simple question - lots of different answers (platforms)

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    Simple question - lots of different answers (platforms)

    Dear all,

    New to F2.5 and first time poster (please be gentle with me). I've searched the forums, asked Google for help, viewed some vids and even bought a book.... but I'm still a little confused over the variance answers I've been given.

    In 2.5, how do you create a platform, a standard platform, for a player to walk on and jump off from. I know it's a simple question, but the answers out there refer to:

    * backdrops
    * active backgrounds
    * objects
    * 3rd party behaviours

    2.5 seems to have some of these, slightly different variations on these (a hangup of its development no doubt), required installation of these, etc. and I'm just confused at off-the-shelf creation of a platform for Fusion 2.5

    I will admit to being a little OCD so the subtle difference in how things are referred to doesn't compute in my head too easily.

    My thanks for your time and my apologies if the simple answer is out there already (which I'm sure it is ...I just need help).


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    You've probably found no definitive answer because there's not a single one,
    but many, depending on your needs, preferences, requirements...
    Fusion is so flexible that allows you to code your own way to result in lots of different ways.

    Short answer is: use backdrops, or actives if you really need.

    backdrops/quick backdrops (with obstacle type property = platform) are usually the first solution you can think of,
    builtin movements (the ones you can apply to an active object that come shipped with fusion) will automatically react in the correct way to this object
    they also used to be "faster" to process than other solutions, but today this is hardly noticeable, if still true at all.

    active backdrops are mostly used to change background scenery / horizon, don't think you can even detect a collision with them, so I would ditch this

    active objects are the most customizable ones and they will give you the most options/control,
    but they might be "wasted" if you don't really need to move the platform / do other things you can't do with simple backdrops

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    Many thanks for your reply. That's got me over one hurdle.

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    Welcome to the community and to fusion oobanoob!

    Dude, I just started 2 years ago and I remember the first time I got a block to jump on a platform. I was so excited, I showed all my friends and they were blown away, as if I created Zelda or something. Lol. Like Schrodinger said, there are many ways to accomplish many things that you will be doing in fusion.

    My best tips would be to go to the tutorial section and do some of the examples. It covers many basic features that you will use in your projects and gets you familiar with the software. As you grow, you can check out AlmightyZentaco's tutorials on youtube. His examples are really great. The second best tip is to always come to the forums. No question is too simple! And the community usually responds within the hour.

    Good luck to you!

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