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Thread: Every Second Event Across Frames

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    Every Second Event Across Frames

    I have a very basic set up that is: every 1 second, +1 to global value A. The problem is that when you change frames the second timer of course resets, so you could keep switching frames and the count would never go up. There is probably some way to save how many milliseconds are left in that 1 second and save it to another global value to be retrieved every frame change but I cannot figure out how you turn an 'every 01"00' event into a number that signifies time left before the second is complete.... Would really appreciate some help!

    EDIT: After some time, I finally figured it out by not using the every second event and instead have a global counter count up to 100 (1 every millisecond) then reset. This allowed me to save the counter to a global variable at the end of the frame and load in at the start of the frame, simples! (Sorry for the post)

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    Don't apologise, this post may help someone else out in the future, you solved it yourself

    If you ever need pinpoint accuracy with time(s), then frame counting is the best way to do it, similar to what you're already doing, you can even go as far as using delta-time, but you seemed to have took that step to alternative thinking and that's the best way to approach Fusion.

    There are a few tutorials here that will get you thinking out of the box of standard Fusion conditions and events. Don't forget the YT Tutorial Channel here.
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