Hey Guys, I have a little problem with my game. I have a Frame where I trigger GIFs by putting the mouse on zones and that seems to crash the game. This is my first game, I'm start learning.
So I have animations with about 30 - 120 Frames, the speed is 100. That are moving animations so you start at one position and move from room to room.
I made this:
1. An Active for all animations in different sequences starts invisible.
2. When the mouse is over a zone the animation active reappears and changes to the right sequence.
3. When the animation is finished it disappears again. In the background a counter is always set that the animations can be triggered only in one room.
In the frame I want to do this a few times but with 3 of it the game is starting to crash randomly. Also another looping gif with 5 frames and 30 speed is invisible and reappears only at one spot.
After I'm done with the animations I want to create the enemies who changes rooms by random generators.

So... What can I do that the game is no longer crashing? Should I slow down the animations and give them fewer frames?

By the way I'm so sorry for my bad english, I'm german