I've got a quick test to see if sub applications worked. I was hoping they would work out of the box so I could start building a more complex game with many sub apps used as "pop up" control panels for a simulation.

The displayed sub app shows up just fine if the application is run in windows.

But on android it is very broken, not sure how else to describe it. The android apk is showing the sub application as a very small little grey square on my device, with no counter or active visible (the text saying "this is a sub application" is an active object, as you can see in the mfa file). The button (of all things) is showing up just fine, in the proper resized place on the device. Of course without the rest of the interface the usefulness of using just system styled button objects to display stuff is questionable at best.

Here's a link for both the MFA application and the APK file so you can see what I mean (I hope).


Is there a known "fix" or step I missed along the way? Does it show up fine for everyone else and I'm just going mad? Is there another recommended way to display and create mobile interfaces in CT Fusion?

My device is running Android 5.0.1, in case you need to know. I am installing the apks by emailing myself the compiled files as I lack a working cable for the push to device building.