Firefly DLC On Sale - 3D in Fusion

To celebrate the release of our new High Poly example "Disaster at Firefly Station" We have put the Firefly DLC on sale 15% off. Save about $12 USD this week by picking up Firefly and joining the 3D revolution in Fusion! Don't forget to check out the other examples available from Clickteam and other users on Clickstore as well to help you get a boost.

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Disaster at Firefly Station

While working on the exterior Firefly Station in low earth orbit a decompression event occurs, blowing you away from the station and knocking you unconscious. Using your remaining fuel return to the station seal the airlock and pressurize the cabin so you can remove your helmet before your run out of oxygen. Play the game and the view the example source with Clickteam Fusion and the Firefly objects! Please note Station models not included and are available here.

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