I remember some time ago, there were some issues when you install CT Fusion on multiple devices (PC, or laptop, whatever). Like you only had 4 installation attempts (if memory serves, i think) was the limit? I was wondering if that is still the case? If so, if I run into the problem where I can't install on other PC's any more, would I need to provide the registration key to a staff member to extend the installation limit?

Also, it's going to be installed on a new laptop with Windows 10 most likely, and it doesn't have a cd-rom drive (none of them have it now days). So I assume I would need to get the current installation file online. The reason I bring cd-rom up is because that's where my registration key was when I first ordered it when they had released it at the time.

Though I'm hoping I won't run into any issues, as well as any possible issues with Windows 10 compatibility.