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Thread: Multiple materials overlaid in one node/object.

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    Multiple materials overlaid in one node/object.

    Is there a way to possibly do this / not difficult to implement?

    By multiple materials overlaid in one object/node, I mean several materials can be on an object at a time, I don't mean by different faces having different materials, but each face can have multiple materials in a way.

    Usages include:
    Normal/Bump maps
    Shiny-ness map
    Ambient Occlusion map
    Emissive map (what parts of the texture should emit light/ignore lighting)
    Specular / Ambient map (instead of one colour to pick, those options pick colour from a texture, this same goes for Emissive map)
    Overlay map (Texture is stacked on another texture)
    Transparency map (Alpha channel in a way, but can be edited/loaded separately from main texture and combines with main texture's alpha channel)

    Pretty sure most of these could be done using shaders, I am not sure though as I haven't messed around with shaders yet.

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    I'm interested to know this too.
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    most of them are options on the materials.

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    Where are the options?
    - BartekB, a.k.a Uppernate
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