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Thread: change movement type issue (how to catch leaving object event)

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    change movement type issue (how to catch leaving object event)


    I made simple platform with ladders.
    Movement type is generally Physics - platform.

    On player overlapping ladder movement type is changing to 8 directions - it works fine.

    If player not overlapping ladder movement type is changing back to platform style but...
    This line causes that player object can not run.

    I tried 2 way:
    a) change physics platform to basic platform - player object was able to run but gravity doesn't work
    b) add button press to change movement from 8 dir to platform - works fine
    but if I want to change movement on every button pressed player object runs very very slow and make random movements

    So the problem is due to infinite continuous changing movement type.

    Do you know way to do something when object leave other object?

    Ladder must be active object, because user can place ladders

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    give your player a value called "ladder" or something similar.

    then use these two events:

    ladder value = 0
    +player is overlapping ladder
    --> set ladder value to 1
    --> change movement to 8 dir

    ladder value = 1
    +player is NOT overlapping ladder
    --> set ladder value to 0
    --> change movement to platform

    that should only switch movements once when you leave and enter a ladder.

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