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Thread: Delta time - what's the best way?

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    From what I can gather, you'd really need to do it both ways, right? The multiplier method of the Scirra article would be fine for movements, but I couldn't use a multiplier for things like:

    -add 1 to gunTimer

    -launch bullet

    EDIT....or - wait - I guess I could?
    -add 1 * deltaTime to gunTimer?

    Quote Originally Posted by casleziro View Post
    I wouldn't know the intricacies myself, but I think SEELE did a number of tests and addressed this in that thread I linked:
    oh, ok. Forgive me - I haven't read those threads yet

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    Yeah the idea would be to add 1 * deltaTime to the timer.

    I'm not sure if I got it right, but here is an attempt at the multiplication method: frame rate independence_2.mfa

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