Hi all, I'm really excited that Fusion 3 is on the way. I am a professional game developer (for the last 23 years (eek!)) and I've been using clickteam products since Klick & Play. However, despite owning almost all the products I am still yet to release a product using any of the software and time and time again recently I've had to revert back to Unity or other engine to get a finished product out the door. Although I've used fusion for a quite a few prototypes and tools and it ticks the boxes on so many levels (speed fps, ease of use etc) I feel the some things are preventing me from pushing my Fusion projects to the next level. I'm sure other users will have their own desires of what Fusion 3 should contain but here is my list:

-Better code organisation. With Fusion 2.5, after a project reaches a certain length it really starts to become unwieldy. Although I know I can have/and fold groups etc having one long events list seems a bit crazy. I know that I can have different events list for individual objects but again that when things get murky for me as then it becomes difficult to know what code is running as individual object behaviors seem a little hidden. Maybe a Unity approach (each object has their own behavior so I am required to make objects that control certain parts of my game ..a controls manger, a save manager etc)...or the way construct 2 uses simple includes to include any number of events sheets. Fusion 2.5 seems to be a hybrid of the two which only serves to confuse issues more (for me at least) especially when debugging.

-Better debugging. If you run something like Playmaker in Unity it can be really helpful to see how lines of code are being executed, however, even with Playmaker things turn into spaghetti code real fast. I think with some simple Find in all files features ( which I think is on the cards if I remember) this would really help things along.

3D on Mobile. Even simple 3D like Firefly is fine. Firefly looks great but it cant be used on mobile

I couldn't find another wishlist thread..maybe there is one but I'd like to open this up for other developers to give their 2 cents worth..