My friend asked me if I could help him with a randomly generated dungeon type thing since I've dabbled in procgen a lot more than he has. I'm still absolute trash at it, but I'm always looking to improve. I slapped together a thing that just lays down rooms without any rhyme or reason. It's horrible and needs a lot of tweaks, but it works for what I want to do. A while ago, I found an example that shows how to take an active and change it's image based on it's surroundings, like so:

I applied that to my thing. I have a "Room Backdrop" and a "Room Collision Box." The backdrop is simply a pretty graphic to make it look nicer, and the collision box is just that, a collision box. What's supposed to happen is the Room Backdrop and the Room Collision are supposed to detect what's around them and then change their animation frames to line up with the rooms around it so the player can traverse from room to room. What actually happens is anything but. Nothing was working, and I didn't know what was happening or where to start debugging. I decided to make the collision box semi transparent because something was off about them, and I learned that there's multiple collision boxes stacking up on top of each other which completely blocks out the other rooms. I threw my hands up and decided the forums here would know a lot more than I do about how to fix this. Here's my thing:

And here's "Corner Set," the example the above image is from, in case anybody needs it: