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Thread: Changing Transparency of Layers

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    Changing Transparency of Layers

    Hi All,

    I'm trying to create an animation which resembles a dawn. So everything will need to get brighter gradually and with an order (including backdrops)

    So is it possible to change the transparency of layers during the runtime which would make this very easy?

    I played a bit with the layer object but didn't quite understand how, as the effects option of this object is always greyed out in the event editor.

    Thanks in advance.

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    If you're not completely changing colors totally (ex. dark blue to yellow) you could have an active object set on a layer over your gameplay area that's say a solid black and change THAT object's transparency. Just make sure the active fills the visible screen area and set it to not follow the frame (like a HUD) so it always stays in one place over everything.

    So during the daytime it'd be transparency value 128 (invisible) and when it gets darker you subtract from that. Obviously you wouldn't want it to hit 0 else you wouldn't be able to see anything at all but you get the idea.

    Kind of a cheap way to do it, but it'd work.

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    And if you want to do with layers, you do have those options in the layer object:


    you can use layer name (if you named your layers in the frame editor - on layer settings)
    or layer index (the number you see next to the layer thumbnail in the frame editor)

    if you have rightmost option dock greyed,
    it's either because you're on a non-windows build
    or in "standard" graphic mode

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    Thanks. I guess layer option does not work on IOS?

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