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Thread: Is it possible to multi-texture primitives?

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    Is it possible to multi-texture primitives?

    Let's say I have a cube, like the one in this picture:
    Now let's say I want to have one side look a bit different, like this picture that was edited in GIMP:
    Textured cube.png
    Is it currently possible to do something like this without creating a custom cube 3D model in another program? And if it currently isn't possible, what are the odds it will be implemented in the future?

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    not possible given the current version. however it is possible however given the complexities of it how would someone define whether they wanted a 1 textured cube a 2 textured cube or 3 4 5 or 6 textured and how would they define where each texture go - etc once you look at all the given options it becomes a nightmare on how complicated to make the system so we took the decision to do a 1 textured cube and allow people to add their own given whatever complexities they chose.

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