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Thread: Making Weather Repeat Each Year

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    Making Weather Repeat Each Year

    Hello again,

    I'm chapter 8 of Jason Darby's Going to War: Creating Computer Wargames. I have noticed a problem after putting in all the weather code. When I start the frame the weather of up to 10 tiles changes randomly. This is to happen every November turn and go away every April turn. It works the first year in 1939 but after that it never changes back to snow tiles again. How can I fix this issue?

    Also, what if I don't want just 10 tiles to randomly change in November. How can I make all the tiles change to snow?

    Thanks for your past help. I hope you can help me move on from here.


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    Let me see if I can make this question easier to understand. I have a "string 3" object with 12 paragraphs. Each one is a month. paragraph 11 is November, when 10 tiles should randomly change to snow tiles.

    Line 14 (with all groups closed) reads as: Paragraph ("ABC") = 11 as the condition. Then under system the action is " Activate Group Snow "ON" "

    This works the first November turn happens. However, it doesn't repeat. What am I missing?

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