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Thread: Can I update an array with get object

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    Can I update an array with get object

    So I want to keep the data stored in an array object up to date by download new information from a website using the get object.
    This works fine for txt files but but not .arr files.
    I've tried saving a .arr files as flat a text file but that did not work.
    I'm left with exporting the array via excel into a .csv, XML or json file and then downloading this and re-importing it into the data file in my array using the string parser and lots of looping.
    I know this will work but I was just hoping someone could suggest a quicker or more simple solution. MMF Engineering Simulations MMF website builder

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    You can't save an array file as a flat text file.

    Download whatever with the get object, then parse it with the string parser / Delimiter.
    Then store the items in an Array and then save the array.

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