With the normal bouncing ball movement, you can un-check "Timer Based Movements" and an object will move the same distance per frame at 30fps as it does at 60fps.
With physics bouncing ball, this doesn't seem to be the case. At 60fps, I can outrun the enemies in my game. At 30fps they are way faster than me. But the physics movement has way better collision detection. The normal bouncing ball collision is unacceptably bad.
Is there a way to keep a physics bouncing ball moving the same distance per frame regardless of frame rate?
If not, is there a way to keep the collision detection from physics bouncing ball, but use the normal bouncing ball for the movement so everything stays in sync?

EDIT: Never mind! After some more stress testing I've realized that movements actually DO stay in sync if the frame rate drops! I was testing this by changing the frame rate manually. I guess if you do it manually it automatically adjusts speeds to fit the new frame rate you choose. If the frame rate drops on its own it stays the same. Sorry about the pointless post! Wasted the whole night trying to solve an issue that didn't exist.