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Thread: Managing objects between frames

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    yes you create a level editor and then save the levels to an array.

    in your main game you then load positions of objects at the start of the level. The easiest way is to do this level editor where u use the "create by name" feature.

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    Arrays... Dang I already knew about that.. I was thinking, or hoping it would be something along the lines of "Load frame# from example_map.mfa" or something like that.

    The way I have my current game WIP levels set up is that they are loaded based on the global value #. Then I have the level structures load from a single objects frame # based on the # the global value is set to. I have collisions pasted as backdrop, background elements pasted on separate layers. The rest of the level objects are created in the script once. Mainly because we have been drawing the levels in paint editing software first, and then importing as a level structure.

    Probably more tedious than whatever is considered better method. But at least it is a method without requiring extra extensions to do it.

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