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Thread: Isometric Lighting Engine - OUT NOW

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    I will definitely fix any bugs users come across. If there is enough demand for a specific feature I'll put it in, though the engine is designed to be modified and built upon by the user. It should work with all exporters (within the limits mentioned before). Any bugs with these I wouldn't be able to address since they would be on the exporter code side of things but of course if something needs to be changed in the mfa for improved compatibility I'm happy to work it out.

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    Looks pretty cool! Can this be used for other types of games... say "Double Dragon" or "River City Ransom" type games — and not just isometric vantage point?

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    Thanks! It's designed for isometric, though there may be some techniques that could be helpful for other "2.5D" games. The games you mention wouldn't be too complicated to make in Fusion though with a few basic collison and sort order techniques.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SolarB View Post
    Animated tiles are definitely possible without much modification. You would need to change "force animation frame" to "change animation sequence" in the floor and walls in the "Update" group.
    Hello again. I got the animations working like this for the tiles. Problem is when moving around with scrolling enabled the animations start over from the first frame. Tried enabling and disabling the "compability" (Do not reset frame duration when animation is modified.) So I am not sure what to do. Maybe creating a system that saves the number of frame to an array and loads it could do the trick.(not sure how to implement it)
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    Quote Originally Posted by gurglak View Post
    Problem is when moving around with scrolling enabled the animations start over from the first frame.
    Oops I should have said use directions instead of animation sequence. I *think* this fixes the issue!

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