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Thread: platform path movement help with player object

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    Question platform path movement help with player object

    ok, so I am working on a game, my first creation. I have only been using CTF for a couple weeks and I had an idea. I have made a platform using active object that moves around the screen using path movement which was the only way I could get this to work the way I wanted. the problem is, I am finding it nearly impossible to get the player to actually stay on it. as soon as the platform moves, player falls through it and there is no way to stay on. I have tried several things and looked up a few platform movement tutorials, but they are all based off of "bouncy ball" movement for the platform. is there any way to get this working with path movements on the platform or am I wasting my time trying to figure it out? what I am trying to do here is make the platform zigzag around the screen (which works fine using this) but the player makes contact and then falls through as soon as it moves. any ideas?
    Thanks in advance!

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    Short answer: path movement sucks (in this case). You should use bouncing ball.

    Long answer: I am assuming that the player is using the built-in physics engine and no extensions. The problem with path movement is that it does not have many physics applied to it. It just changes the position. However, bouncing ball uses the physics engine.

    Let's say the player is on top of the moving object. The platform moves 10 pixels per frame in the upwards direction (using platform movement). Once you play the game, the moving platform goes INTO the player, and the physics engine has no idea why this is happening because it doesn't know that the moving platform is position, the moving platform is only changing position. However, bouncing ball actually has the movement taken into account by the physics engine. So that means when the platform moves, it knows to push whatever is on top of it upwards as well.

    Summary: use bouncing ball.

    Also, your collision detection might not be working or you are using an extension for player movement. In the latter case, you would want to also not use path movement for the same reasons. Watch this cool guy's tutorial:

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