ok, so I am working on a game, my first creation. I have only been using CTF for a couple weeks and I had an idea. I have made a platform using active object that moves around the screen using path movement which was the only way I could get this to work the way I wanted. the problem is, I am finding it nearly impossible to get the player to actually stay on it. as soon as the platform moves, player falls through it and there is no way to stay on. I have tried several things and looked up a few platform movement tutorials, but they are all based off of "bouncy ball" movement for the platform. is there any way to get this working with path movements on the platform or am I wasting my time trying to figure it out? what I am trying to do here is make the platform zigzag around the screen (which works fine using this) but the player makes contact and then falls through as soon as it moves. any ideas?
Thanks in advance!