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    Question PMO and Virtual Controls

    So I'm testing out some control schemes for a possible game, and I'm trying to explore some touch screen controls for iOS/Android, as I have never done it before. As of right now I have an active object, a platform for him, and I am using the PMO. I tried using the virtual joystick but upon clicking and dragging it doesn't move the character ( or itself but that may just be how it is.) Might have missed a step there, so I tried instead using two directional buttons, thinking it would be easier; assigning "active clicked = PMO = right key held"; however, this seemingly moves my active about 1mm and then nothing. I know something is missing in both of those attempts but not sure what. Any help is appreciated. I'll attach a picture of what I have now. (again, this is just a TEST, not supposed to be anywhere near working controls)

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    Well Touch Joystick works fine with the 8 Directions movement, so it must be something related to PMO. As for the buttons, switch out "when user clicks on active" with these conditions: unknown.png

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