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Thread: Update his Game Without Losing Saves ??

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    Unhappy Update his Game Without Losing Saves ??

    Hey guys !

    In my game, there is an INI save system that works fine ! But the problem is that when I update my game, the new game creates his own INI file so, if I update my game, my players are going to lose all their saves ? Is there actually a way to update a game without losing saves for an .EXE game?

    Thanks for the people who are going to answer !

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    is the a file I/O action you can use to write to something other than the INI?

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    I'm confused, it shouldn't overwrite the INI...

    what do you mean "the new game creates his own INI file"?

    The only time you should lose saves is when the save system is changed.

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    Are you storing the saved file in the program files folder? (which could get removed if you use an installer than uninstalls and installs the new version).

    Saved game data should be stored in the users appdata/localappdata (eg: %appdata%\My Game\SavedGame.ini) or for persistence for all users to access stored in the programdata folder (although you would need to grant all users write access to the file if its in the programdata folder as by default only administrators have access to this).

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