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Thread: Binary Data including .txt files is it possible?

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    Binary Data including .txt files is it possible?

    I've made a game that's working perfectly, it relies on loading custom dictionaries from .txt files. Due to the list object's limitations I split the Dictionary up alphabetically so that the list object works. I can do that with no problems, yet I don't want my students to be able to mess around with .txt files and heaven forbid add a swear word. I've read up on binary data yet it seems to be more for music, ini files, Bat files and DLL files.

    Can .txt files be added to binary? I want it to work for PC, is there an example that anyone has built? My attempt worked on my machine, yet my .exe doesn't load the binary on other PC's.

    The best solution I've some up with so far is to include a folder with the exe and hide the txt files in that folder. Any other solution people can think of? Please Help, My game is ready for release yet I would like this problem sorted
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    You can include which ever files you like in the binary data. I've attached an example. You'll need a file named dictionary.txt on the root of C:.

    It'll add the file to the binary data when you build. then unpack the file in a temp location load it into the list object and then remove the temp file. Making it hard for an average end user to edit this data.
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    Thanks Danworth I'll give it another go using your example as the guide, cheers

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    It works like a Charm you're a legend, thanks a bunch

    I was close, yet your example was just what I needed. My game works perfect now. I'm going to let my students be the beta testers, if there's no serious bugs I'll post a Promo video and release to the clickstore soon.

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    Just a followup, if it's a necessity they don't get changed, you could add realtime downloads of the txt files at app launch (useful for updating also) and then also include some internal checks every time the dictionary is loaded. It may sound a little overkill but totally do-able in not much effort tbh.

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    Great idea Danny, sound advice.

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