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Thread: The First Hunt For A Firefly Bug or Two.

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    The First Hunt For A Firefly Bug or Two.

    Recently users in the Discord Chatroom have noticed a few issues that i cannot reproduce on my machine, which means they are machine specific.

    We need your help in tracking down what settings affect which bug.

    run this file ->

    watch the spinning cube and then press ESCAPE to quit the demo

    do you see option 1 or option 2 ? your looking for either a blurry image or nice crisp image...

    run this file ->

    press E twice - then close it

    do you see option A or option B ? your looking for either a square blue face in the centre or an oblong blue face on the right hand side

    fill out the poll above with your answer and email a DXDIAG report to - with either 1A 1B 2A or 2B in the subject of the email - Many thanks

    Never done a DxDiag before ? read this guide @ DIGITALCITIZEN once done click the Save All Information button which will create a DXDiag.TXT file thats the file i need you to email to me.
    Images attachées Images attachées

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