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Thread: Mac Exporter Gamepad support

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    Mac Exporter Gamepad support

    Hi all,

    I recently converted a game to Xbox with considerable trouble because I had to create modified code for input to change from Joystick 2 Object to XBOX Gamepad Object (a far inferior tool). My next step was to convert to Mac. I thought this would be easy since I now had both methods and either could work, right? Wrong...

    When I went to export for the first time to Mac, I received the message that neither Joystick 2 nor XBOX Gamepad are supported by the Mac exporter! I cannot find anything that supports gamepads of any sort that works for Mac (except the native gamepad, which I am not sure would even be feasible even with dozens of hours of additional work). This seems to make Mac non-viable as a platform for most game applications.

    Your suggestions are much appreciated.

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    I'm curious myself.

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