Hi all, after having neglectled Fusion for over 2 years, I'm back working on an (old) RPG project and made a level editor which loads the level using the Array object (where the level info is stored) and an Active Picture Object (where the various tiles are stored).

In a 100x100 map the loading time is very long, around 20 seconds, with not even using every tile. This is not really acceptable, especially since I still need to add loading of furnitures, items, monsters, etc. I am quite sure this has to do with the Active Picture Object (APO) loading times.

While building the level I do a load from the APO with every tile in the 100x100 grid, so that's quick 5000 loads (I'm not stamping a picture for tile in the grid) of a 128x100 pixels bitmap per tile. Since I only have around 100 unique tile pictures, I'm think the solution to speed up the loading could be by only loading those 100 tiles in the game and then stamp them directly..?

MY QUESTION: Is there a way to speed up the loading from an Active Picture Object (APO) i.e. by loading the images to an Active Object and then stamping them? Or any other solution for the slow loading from the APO with high volumes / large tiles?