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Thread: My Active's Animation is out of place

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    My Active's Animation is out of place

    So my active (you as the main character) has a walking animation, but when I play the animation the first frame is up and to the left (or the second frame is down and to the right) of where it should be. I checked the frames and they are all in the exact same position. Please help I have no clue what is happening.

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    Did you check the Action hot spot and view hot spot these are the important point of animation positions (view point for inner animation position and action point for action like the creation point for a bullet on shooting a gun)

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    Thanks it fixed it. I don't know why it moved for the new frame but whatever it's fine now. Thank you.

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    you are welcome
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    Also, this should go in the Fusion forum, not the Developer Services forum.

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