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Thread: i need help starting a virtual novel

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    i need help starting a virtual novel

    I'm not sure if I post this here, please tell me if this is the wrong place. I would like to ask for help, me and a couple of other people are deciding to create a virtual novel with an interactive background. I wanted to know where to start, because I am very confused on where to go from here. if someone can link me to another forum post or offer help that would be great.

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    it seems like you're asking about creating virtual backgrounds... which you can do with Fusion 2.5 - and yes, you can post questions in this forum about how to do it... but you'll need to be more detailed in your questions if you want to get meaningful answers.

    Welcome to the Forum!

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    I dont know if you are looking for specific features but a Visual novel seems really easy to do?

    Use background objects for your Graphics (or Active objects if you need to move them around) and buttons to forward the text.
    For the text itself you can either use a simple String object or looking into text blitter (you can search the forum).

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    Personally I probably wouldn't use Fusion to make a VN (unless you want to do some very out-of-box things), putting images and text on the screen is simple enough, but things rapidly get more complicated when you start looking into building your own save systems, preferences systems, a dialogue system with typewriter effect, fast forward text, skip text, etc, etc. Don't get me wrong, it can all definitely be done in Fusion and if you want to make a very unique game with many non-VN elements like extra mini-games then Fusion is the way forward, but depending on the complexity of your VN, there are probably less time consuming options like Ren'Py, basically all the setup is done for you and you can just get on with writing your story and creating your art.

    P.S. Don't let the fact that Ren'Py requires coding put you off, I'm not a coder but managed to get to grips with the basics in a couple of hours (a lot quicker than building my whole VN engine from scratch in Fusion), it's really easy if you just want to make a basic VN with choices, branching dialogue, etc.

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    Thanks for the help. I will try to use fusion for now and see how far I get. I will also check out the program that GRADIUS mentioned. I will see what I can do with the information that you guys have given me. thanks again

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