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Thread: Automatically Importing code from other frames?

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    If any of this sounds out of your league or not worth the time, you could drag all code/groups into a master group that you can collapse and copy/paste quickly. It's not ideal in my opinion (single frame + editor is the best) but it's very simple, and quicker than going through every line and every group to copy and paste them.

    I usually do that even if I don't copy and paste code. My event editor ends up looking something like this (groups in brackets):

    ---[player movement]
    ---[player damage]
    ---[player animation]

    If I would ever want to move my code, i collapse then copy the [Game] group.

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    The Almighty Zentaco recently come up with a neat way to make a level editor, take a look at this:

    I added a couple of small things to it too:

    Another approach you can take over multiple frames is a combination of Event Behaviors and the global object flag. This approach does have some quirks and limitations, but it allows you to put all your event logic in one place and when you update it, it automatically updates in all other frames.

    One way to use this approach:-

    1. Create an active object and set to invisible (alternatively can apply to existing active objects)
    2. Set it's global flag to TRUE / ticked
    3. Add an event behaviour and create your events. You have to import references to other objects in the frame that you want to interact with.
    4. Drag and drop this active object into every frame where you want to use it.

    Now whenever you update the event behavior in any of the frame, all the other frames that have the active object are updated too. I've successfully used this approach on several games but as stated there are some quirks and limitations, for example you cannot refer to qualifiers (without hacks).
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    Construct 2 and 3 Have " Include event sheet " feature .It's so useful and you don't need to copy - paste events . I hope Fusion 3 add this feature or similar .
    Anyway Construct haven't native ports .Also required subscribe too and it's awful .

    I prefer stay with Fusion forever

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