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Thread: How do I make a system for level layouts?

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    How do I make a system for level layouts?

    Hi, I'm making a survival game and the engine is finished. I have everything currently on one frame (I have other menu frames but that isn't important)

    Current game frame -

    On this frame has the player, enemys, every block that should be in the game, the logic and all counters that make the game work. The problem is, is that I can't make this frame huge and have every zombie in the game on one frame because that just won't run well. So I want to optimise it by having multiple layouts loaded for this one frame. I'd like to be able to walk off the edge of the screen and for it to load the correct layout for the next part of the world (if that makes sense). Like this -

    If anyone can give me an in-depth tutorial on how to make what I'm thinking then that would be apprechiated.

    I know that someone else has already made a post about this but I didn't understand it very well. I know it will work because heres a clip of a game using this design -

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    Bumping this thread as i also want to know

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    You need to load a level from e.g. an array. You build the levels in a seperate mfa/frame and save it. Then in your game frame you load those. There are alot of ways to build a level creator but i personally like this way since it uses Fusion itself

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