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Thread: (help) Sonic Worlds Delta has no zone script.

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    (help) Sonic Worlds Delta has no zone script.

    I'm trying to improve my skills by making a Sonic the Hedgehog fan game, so I got the Sonic Worlds Delta Engine. however no matter what I've tried; the Test Level Zone has no script/code/conditions or anything. I can run the .EXE but can't edit that. Is there some fix or something?

    (Things I've Tried):

    Download older version
    Re-Download/Install Extensions
    Re-Install Clickteam Fusion 2.5

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    I'm not in front my my PC to look, but have you checked global events? Or individual object behaviours?

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    maybe it's all packed in a DLL and runs its logic apart from the clickteam framework but can be accessed with API calls? Just grasping for straws here.

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    I have downloaded the MFA and appropriate files in both Standard and Developer on Steam and was able to access the events just fine. We have Steam thread on it going as well.

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