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View Poll Results: How do you work on your Fusion projects?

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  • I always work on the graphics first, and then the code/logic

    14 7.07%
  • I work mainly on the graphics, with some code/logic development at the same time

    29 14.65%
  • I work on both evenly as I go along

    42 21.21%
  • I work main on the code/logic, with some graphics work at the same time.

    70 35.35%
  • I always work on the code/logic first, and then the graphics

    43 21.72%
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Thread: Do you work on graphics or programming first?

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    I can say that it is helpful to have a list of things you need to accomplish and when one is getting stale, switching to another task in a different discipline helps me to not get bored. For example, I might spend a week painting a background, then switch to coding some game system, then switch to animating an enemy. By moving around, I don't get burned out on any one type of task. Of course, there are times when I am on a roll with one type of task and just plow through many similar things in one go. But overall, this means I never run out of options when choosing what to do next. The downside is when you get to the end, you probably are left with the task you have putting off the whole project. Game balance, I am looking at you.... :[

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    Quote Originally Posted by Volnaiskra View Post
    Ah, @Outcast , I think you've hit upon a really key element there, that separates the men and women from the boys and girls. When you're an indie dev, you wear many hats, but arguably more important than both the programmer hat and the artist hat is the manager hat! I think that's probably why people like you have published games under your belt while so many others have just unfinished projects. (sadly, I currently include myself in this latter group)
    Thank you for the kind words! However I also have a lot of unfinished games under my belts, but with time and persistence I have noticed that this becomes much less frequent. I think that is also a kind of skill one also develops with time to notice if a project is on the steady path to completion early or not. And I think the best "XP boost" one can get for this skill is for every actual realease of a game. I can't actually imagine I would ever start a project now and work on it for months on end without spotting much earlier that it is not a feasable project that I will not finish (at least I am holding fingers crossed for that)

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    I always try to understanding the programming side to clickteam first. I just grab a butt load of sprites from retro games and make proof of concepts over and over until I am comfortable with what I plan on doing. Then I get the real graphics set up afterwards.

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