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Thread: making a random drop down platformer

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    making a random drop down platformer

    i was trying to make a game where the player drops down onto different platforms. i know how to make the platform a different one each time but i do not know how to get it to create the next platform at a certain distance from the previous one.
    if you can help then it would be appreciated.

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    The following events will create 20 platforms below each other, with 32 pixels between, starting at y = 64. The platform itself should be as wide as the screen and about 8 pixels high, and has 6 custom animations that is set to loop.

    * Start of frame
    - Start loop "Create Platform" 20 times

    * On loop "Create Platform"
    - Create object Platform at (0,0)
    - Platform: Set YPos to 64 + loopindex("Create Platform") * 32
    - Platform: Set Animation Sequence to 11+Random(6)

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