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Thread: Organizing in Global Event Editor

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    Organizing in Global Event Editor

    Hi all,

    My project is starting to get pretty large. After shifting updated code from frame to frame (4 frames of gameplay at the moment) I decided to globalize my consistent events. I was able to get this worked out without too much trouble and everything is looking good on all frames. However, moving forward, this will be a major pain to keep up. In the frame event editor for the various frames, I have been using object folders. In the Global Event Editor, I can create these folders, but they disappear, along with any other organizational changes, as soon as I leave the Global Event Editor.

    In short, there is no way that I can find to organize object in the Global Event Editor. I will have to pick objects out of the pile for every event I add to the Global Event Editor from here on out.

    If anyone knows of a way to overcome this, I would love to hear it. Thanks!

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    I dont know about folders but there's a work around to get qualifers to work in global events. Another option might be to make an object, make it global and then create a behaviour in that. Maybe folders work there?

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    Yeah, I think there should be folders in global events. My project is a right mess.

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