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Thread: [Crashing Error] Problem with Platform Engine

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    [Crashing Error] Problem with Platform Engine

    I have been tearing my hair out for some time now because of this.

    I have created a platform engine that uses a lot of fast loops, and it works perfectly--it's exactly what I need for my game! The problem is that it crashes when I add ANY new fastloops to the program, it crashes, giving the message "edrt.exe" has stopped working. I have no idea why this is, but the engine is exactly how I need it to be. Perhaps something is actually wrong with the engine itself. I am using the current steam build of Fusion 2.5 (Build R289.3) (Unicode).

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, the file is attached below (note: if you are testing the game, run it a few times with f7--it will crash).


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