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Thread: Fast loop saving not saving the first alterable value

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    Fast loop saving not saving the first alterable value

    Hi all,

    I've been working on fast looping and saves with an array and in my example I'm trying to save to X, 3, and Y to a loop index that runs 5 times. So it should look like:

    3,0 - random num
    3,1 - random num
    3,2 - random num
    3,3 - random num

    instead i'm getting

    3,0 - blank
    3,1 - random num
    3,2 - random num

    It works great except for I can't get it to load the first alterable value in the list. It skips that one for some reason. Or maybe I'm not saving it properly? One of the two... or both. I have my array set to zero based but I'm not understanding what I could be doing wrong.

    Thanks in advance for any advice!!
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    Actually I don't see any issue with your code at least and results are as expected.
    Saving and loading the Alterable Values works properly for me.

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    dunno if this helps at all, is this wat u wanted?
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    That's odd.. well on my example when I run it, if you load and look at the first alterable value A it is always zero. It doesn't do that for you when you load? It only starts at Alterable value B for me!

    And shinbaxter that's a cool way to do it, but I was hoping to make it work with a loop as it's going to be saving a lot of x y values in the end. That would be a lot of manual labor! thank you though!!


    I noticed if I change the array to start at 0 for either X, Y it will save to the first alterable and load to it just fine. But if I try to start at anything other than 0 it will skip the first alterable value. Anyone know why?

    Thank you!
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