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Thread: Inventory Point N Click Help

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    Post Inventory Point N Click Help

    Howdy, need some help, please.

    I want to make an inventory that pops up and allows the player to click multiple text selections, then confirm it and be able to determine what was selected and assign a numerical value to each of those selections (so I can calculate a success chance of a heist).

    Let me restate it one more time in-case its unclear.

    Player presses a button, an inventory pops up with text items (not active objects).
    The player selects one or more items, then confirms their selection with a button press.
    These items are then translated from text to numerical values, and thrown into a calculation.

    I've tried using the Inventory extension that's publicly available, but to no avail.

    Thanks in advance fellas.

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    You could use the sub application to show the inventory.
    There you can use the "Active System Box" object and select the color and border colors to NONE. That way it will just show text and look like a string object.
    The "Active System Box" object has an "Clicked on" condition if the player clicks on it and it can store "Alterable Values".
    You can then set a number in an alterable value, and when the player clicks on it you can then use that value from the "Active System Box" object as your numerical value that you need.

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