I'm having the java heap space problem when building my game in flash build.
I didn't had that problem before, but I think as the game became bigger and bigger I can't export it as a whole anymore.
on jvm.config, java.args is set like "java.args=-Xmx1024m"
if I try to make it "-Xmx2048m" or anything bigger than that I get the following:
Error occurred during initialization of VM
Could not reserve enough space for 2097152KB object heap
My computer has enough memory for that, I think it might be a limitation on flash exporter or 32-bit java? What should I do? How can I export my game again?

Fixed the issue!

The problem was caused because Flash Exporter(which uses flex) only allows 32-bit Java(JRE/JDK), therefore, it can't reserve more than 1024mb heap space for building swf. Sometimes in a big flash game you need more memory to build than that.
The fix was a workaround to make Flash exporter accept 64-bit Java JRE/JDK, so you can reserve more memory and build your big-ass flash app.

If anyone wants the fix, I can provide. Just ask =)