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Thread: Ideas for easy puzzle/logic games

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    Ideas for easy puzzle/logic games

    My client would like to get ideas for what kind of games she could make. She's intrested in making easy puzzle/logic games. She knows that even thought a game looks easy it might be difficult to make.
    She hasn't found enough information on how to control duplicates. My client also doesn't know yet how to compare colors.

    I can't help my client because I don't know anything about computer games. Would you guys have any ideas?

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    That is a pretty wide ranging question.

    You and her can research online many videos about the history of puzzle video and computer games, how color theory works, and more. Fusion 2.5 can help her get started, and grab some of the free puzzle game examples to tinker with and see how things function, then go from there.

    Paper prototype the puzzle game ideas with paper, construction paper, makers, pens, stickie notes, etc. Figure out your gameplay "hook" that will keep people wanting to play first. There worry about how it will look and come together, and what platforms you want to release it on.

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    Nice! I need ideas for LSAT Logic Games. My exam is this year and I am preparing very hard for it. It will be my second attempt therefore, I can’t risk it. My best friend is also preparing along with me. We are hoping to get into one of the best law schools and become successful lawyers.

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