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Thread: Freez game for little time when kill enemies

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    Exclamation Freez game for little time when kill enemies

    Hello my friends,

    I'm trying to do the famous effect that when you kill a enemy on platform game, the game just freeze (uase) very fast and back to normal, this take long less than 1 second.

    I've tried to use pause, set framerate to 1 then to 40 (what I'm using) but cant figure how to do it =/

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    working on juice of the game?
    1. how about putting game logic on different groups?
    if alt a string = true
    - deactivate "group name"
    - add 1 to death timer

    if death timer = 1
    - activate "group name"

    2. or i think it will possible when you add additional move condition checking, something like:
    on move = 1 - start enemy move
    + condition
    + condition

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