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Thread: Game text file encryption

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    Smile Game text file encryption

    I want to encrypt my text files that I am going to use for dialog so that they cant be edited by users. Since the game will be heavy in dialog I was planning on putting the dialog in a text file and use special characters for indicating beginning and ending points for the dialog.

    I also would like it to be windows and android compatible. I was thinking AESFusion, I read that is rather slow. Since this is not high security, I dont care about high encryption.

    So what I want is to take a text file I wrote for dialog, encrypt it and have the game be able to read the encrypted file and use it for in game dialog.

    It could also be a password protected zip file that the game would open and use for dialog.

    If anyone could submit an example I would much appreciate it or point me to a link where this issue has already been addressed. I did search the forums but I did not see any.

    Thanks ahead of time for any assistance

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    I don't know if it'd work for android however I've used the blowfish object to encrypt text files and it works great.

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    I think the easiest solution is to embedd the files into the .exe as data then you can use the apppath$*command (which u should be doing anyway) to reference the.

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