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Thread: Using external sources to control things in game

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    Using external sources to control things in game

    I was looking around and I could not find any information on using sources from an external device to control objects in game. Basically I want to use a motor encoder to input a voltage that can be read by the computer and have clickteam fusion use that voltage for doing different things. I figure I would have to put the voltage through a conditioner to get the computer to read it properly. Any help you can give would be greatly appreciated.

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    OK I am not sure if I totally understand what you are tying to do but I may be able to help. I used the Serial object to connect to an arduino which sent information to the computer through the serial object. The arduino connects to the PC with a USB cord but creates a virtual serial port I was able to connect to with the serial object. I was also able to send data back to the arduino and have it turn on LED strip lights that would connected to it as well as control the color of each light in the string.

    It sounds like you may be able to do the same type of thing, have the arduino send the voltage information via the USB/Serial connection and have the software do what you want based on the number.

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